Our Objectives

  1. To Identify Key Growth and Competitive Sectors
  2. To Promote Multilateral Trade, Business and Investment Opportunities
  3. To Become the One-Stop Agency for BRICS-ASEAN Economic Promotion
  4. To Reward and Recognize Key Performers
  5. To Propagate: Wealth Creation, Wealth Sharing and Wealth Acceleration
  6. To Be the Leader in spear heading BRICS-ASEAN Economic Development

Key Indicators

  1. A region with a population of over 3.5 Billion People and Over USD22.5 Trillion in GDP
  2. BRICS out performs the rest of the world in economic growth.
  3. Matured and ready towards a globalize market economy
  4. BRICS Robust for Growth and Globalization
  5. ASEAN a Strategic Resource Partner
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