An annual summit is being proposed to be held each year hosted by either BRICS or ASEAN nations. A ‘World Economic Forum’ style high profile event that will bring together leaders from the corporate and public sectors, the movers and shakers of the economy, policy makers as well as businessmen in both regions. The aims of the Summit is to:

  • Provide information on investment, trade and business opportunities in the regions of BRICS-ASEAN.
  • Create a platform for business matching, networking and developing strategic alliance.
  • Ignite new business ideas, investment possibilities and business ventures B2B, B2G, B2C & G2G.

BRICS-ASEAN Global Prize Award for Excellence

In conjunction with the annual summit, an award recognition program will be held to honour key personalities that have contributed towards the socio-economic development of their nation and region. BRICS-ASEAN GLOBAL PRIZE AWARD for EXCELLENCE will be the next most talk about and the most prestigious honor ever given to the supreme outstanding personalities that have contributed towards the society in the form of social service, innovation in science & technology, economic development, industrial revolutionist, environmentalist, statesmen, news makers, human rights activist, an act of bravery and personalities deemed a National Hero.

BRICS-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce is proud to initiate such and award to be given to both citizens of BRICS-ASEAN Nations and Global Personalities as an act to recognize and reward joy or to celebrate the accomplishment that the awardee has achieved. It is also to showcase of an exemplary civilian who has excel in his profession.

Business, Trade & Investment Mission Tours to BRICS-ASEAN Nations

Regular events will be held on a business mission to explore possibilities, opportunities and strategies to increase trade, business and investment.

Visit by High Profile Government & Private Sector Officials

BRICS-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce will welcome them and serve as a facilitator to fulfill their mission in BRICS or ASEAN nations. This include to assist source information, refer right people in contact as well as logistics should there be a need.

Bilateral & Multilateral Signing Ceremony

BRICS-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce plans to sign bilateral and multilateral memorandums with heads of Government, Government Officials, Corporate Heads and Trade Organisations etc.

Information & Multi Task Facilitator

To Receive Trade, Investment and Economic Visitors (Private & Public) from BRICS-ASEAN nations and facilitate them.

Quarterly Digital Newsletter

To publish a quarterly digital newsletter to provide an update, information and opportunities concerning BRICS & ASEAN economies. To be distributed to all stakeholders including free subscription – Business community.

Sub Committees

  • BRICS-ASEAN Economic Summit Committee
  • BRICS-ASEAN Intelligence, R&D Committee
  • BRICS-ASEAN Special Awards Committee
  • BRICS-ASEAN Information Committee
  • BRICS-ASEAN Resources & Facilitation
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