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Welcome to BRICS-ASEAN Idea Bank. It is FREE and it is open to all innovators, start-ups, technology company, entrepreneurs, individuals, organizations and NGOs who are either seeking for partners, investors or funders to kick-start their incredible ideas, innovations or business concept.

Kindly fill-in the form below and share it to the world at large. We shall view all submissions with care and may refer you to prospective organisations if we find it to be of prospect. Kindly withhold all trade secrets or information that may contain your Intellectual Property (IP). BRICS-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce shall not hold any liability should your novelty being copied or stolen.

This platform serves as an honest and open digital listing of all potential business ventures ready for harvest or commercialization. You may submit as many ideas as you wish.

Attention: Investors, Financers, Foundations, Individual Investors, Angle Funders, Venture Capitalist, Investment House, Philanthropy etc. Give hope and opportunity a chance. Kindly view through public posting at BRICS-ASEAN Idea Bank, you may never know the next big thing may just be a click away.

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